Literature and Eros

The world of erotic fiction is a difficult one to explore. The erotic and pornographic are not always easily separated, and in some cases there is no reason to separate them. Both deal with sexual passion, and emotions and feelings that are intrinsic in the human. Sexual feelings motivate, drive (and drive away) adults. The words, formats and attempts to understand them are, by their nature, evocative. Bad erotica and good pornography look the same to me. And all good writing about sex is aimed at arousal at some level. We are interested in those emotions and feelings.

Still, many view sex as something to be kept private. Fortunately, for the writer of erotica, the private thoughts, fears and desires are some of our most interesting. Erotic fiction explores possible ways of acting on them. Some turn out to be hot and tasty, some messy and some unpleasant. Which are which, though? The dark side holds some attraction for most of us.

So for me, as a writer, literature and erotica interweave endlessly. In this blog, over time, I hope to share thoughts and examples of how erotica can stand on its own as truly fine literature—not a separate genre, just a basic element of good fiction.


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