Free books?

I am looking at publishing a small collection of erotica that has been in the works for a time now. As it is a taste of what my novels offer, I am considering publishing it as a free book through Smashwords. The thought is that these blogs don’t give as clear idea of my writing as a book would, and I would like to build the fan base. So the question is whether a free book is the way to do it, or if it is better to simply publish pieces here. Or is it best to publish them here and then put out the collection?

The publishing industry is a dynamic and fluid place and the answers to this seem to vary almost daily. As I ponder the idea, your comments are welcome.

Meantime, may you all have joyous and peaceful holidays.


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  1. LadyDanita says:

    I think you have a good thing going here with your blog, rather than choose (A or B), try both! It seems reasonable to post at Smashwords, one free, one inexpensive, with links and profile boost up your profile visibility-wise and get traffic here where you are more established. I am hoping for the very same thing, but I am still entrenched in planning and producing material. No where near posting. I shall keep watching for tips here, there, and ERA.
    Loads of luck in this New Year!!

    1. blairerotica says:

      Thanks for the feedback. I have taken the leap into the void and you can get a copy at

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