Learning What Everybody Knows About Blogging

Trying to work out everything interconnects is not trivial if you haven’t been tracking and using all the tools regularly. You can be merrily doing something as seemingly trivial as writing and posting a blog, when suddenly a pop up appears asking you if you want to sync your widget with the crowbar, and you didn’t know you had either one. Actually, it probably asks if you want to share your post. Well of course I want to share it. I didn’t log on to write it for myself, that is what word processors are for, but who, exactly, is the site asking me if I want to share with? And what, exactly, do I need to know to do it.

So, for instance, I get asked if I want to link two sites together. It’s all very conversational. The little box asks: “Want to share this?”

Although I think it should be self evident, I say, “sure.”

The box (smart little box that it is) asks for the url. And that’s a problem. “I don’t happen to have it on me, box. You are so damn smart, enough to know I can share with that site, ought to be able to figure it out.”

The box is reluctant to admit it already knows. So I open a window and locate it. Copy, paste, done, right? Wrong? “What is your login name and password?” it asks, sounding innocent.

“Well I don’t know. I stay logged in, and about once a month something goes kablooey and then I have to get a new password. Besides, how do I know you aren’t a front for a Nigerian scam artist? You could be collecting data. All you popups look the same to me.”

Well, of course it is collecting data. And I’ll never know if it is a front for anyone other than the six different companies that seem to now be sending me emails with special offers, which, as I signed up, are not spam. Well, not legally.

So what does this have to do with erotica Nothing, other than these are things that we deal with in trying to get the word out about our published work. I have an erotic novel coming out in the near future, perhaps two, if the second gets finished anytime soon (I could be more certain if I weren’t doing so much networking these days. I mean, how is it that a tweet with a two second life expectancy can take ten minutes worth of logging in and writing, only to find I made a typo?).

It has to be learned, if I intend to compete, as they say, in the marketplace. I suppose it is as Leonard Cohen sings, “it comes and goes; everybody knows.” Audible sigh.

Tranquil shot of not blogging
Tranquil shot of no one blogging





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