Blogging and Selling

In January, I published a free book on Smashwords ( has some poems and stories in it, and almost 300 people have downloaded it in the month it has been up. Of course, people download things that are free and it doesn’t mean that they read it. But of course, I’d like to believe they have, at least many of them.

Whether I have created some fans through this free book and blogging about writing erotica is an important question for me as I have a novel coming out soon (within days, I am told) from House of Erotica ( It is called Earning Respect, and is the story of a woman who is running a failing Caribbean resort on a private island. It is a tale about lifestyle choices, sexuality (of course), as well as finding ways to make a living. Along the way, the story explores what personal respect truly consists of, and the notion that we are not owed respect, but must earn it.

It is an erotic novel, which means that the erotic content is vital. And it won’t be for everyone as it is about people pushing their personal boundaries to find out what they really want from life. When so many people settle for the comfortable, I enjoy writing about characters who are not content in their comfort zones, who are not afraid to fail, and willing to take risk to gain sweet rewards.

I am writing several other stories, and one is a Steampunk novel that is a lot of fun. If you do read my free book, or have read it, I would appreciate your comments, either here or on the Smashwords site.



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  1. Samir says:

    Hi, well I’m not into poetry, but your upcoming novel sounds interesting. Will it be published on paperback?

    I’m curious as to the content and style. One more question and no disrespect intended, is it a formulaic style of novel or a more literary one?

    And congratulations on having it published.

    1. blairerotica says:

      It will be an ebook. Possibly paperback if it shows potential.

      I try for a literary approach, although it is erotic literature. Still I am not a fan of comic books nor simplistic books. My free download has two short stories in it that might give you a better sense of what I do. One story alternates between short story and play formats in a bit of literary playfulness, and is only mildly erotic.

      Thanks for commenting.

      1. Samir says:

        Ok Cool. I’m leaving for a long weekend retreat, but once I’m back I’ll download it and check the short stories.

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