Keeping the flow going

As I move forward in the publishing effort, it was pleasant to see such a positive response to my announcement of my novel from House of Erotica. It was, I admit, a bit of a kick to check it out on Amazon and other sites.

Of course, when I published my free book of poetry and short stories on Smashwords, I promised to put other stories there as well, and that is happening now.  I am fortunate in that I have the time and space to focus full time on writing. And so, a story that was a story is becoming a series about a character I have come to like, named Kate Wilhelm. You’ll find THE VIEW FROM A DARKENED ROOM appearing there shortly.  The blub goes like this.

Kate is a young, likable woman, with strong sexual and sensual drives that make her want to explore some of the boundaries of convention. But she has lost her boyfriend, her job and her confidence in herself. Escaping to a rustic resort she finds new friends willing to help her regain a sense of who she is, and confidence in her sexuality.

Given a bungalow that has a darkened room with a rather different kind of view, she learns about the people around her, and about herself and happiness.

I have also promised House of Erotica to get to work finishing a Steampunk novel that I’ve been working on for some time, called AN AIRSHIP AFFAIR that tells of a lusty inventor of propulsion components for airships, a sexy female industrialist, and the necessary and nefarious folk who would do them out of the benefits of their hard work. All of this, quite naturally, involves a fair amount of sex with various partners. Balancing such a tale, making sure that the storyline holds up while the cocks stay stiff, is an enjoyable challenge. As it unfolds, I look forward to and appreciate your feedback.


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