New Paths, Open Doors

I wanted to write a story about what happens when we leave ourselves open to new experiences, when we understand that being open isn’t easy for anyone, and can be extremely hard for some. In this story, a woman agrees to try new things while leaving the exact nature of those new things to her lover. That implies a lot of trust on her part. It puts a great deal on his shoulders as well.

It took a lot of effort, but the new story is up now. It is called NEW PATHS, OPEN DOORS and it is available on SMASHWORDS now (just click on the handy cover art and pop over). I hope you enjoy it. Here is the teaser.

Sherry and Greg find joy in introducing variety into their relationship and when she moves to the edge of the city to be closer to the woods, Greg offers to take her on an erotic adventure. To find out how open she really is to the unknown and new sexual experiences, he leads her on a trip into the woods down a path that she hasn’t traveled. When they arrive at bungalow she didn’t know existed, she meets a new neighbor, and new experiences. Greg helps her discover the excitement of watching other people have sex and being watched. And then the others join in. Frightened and aroused, she learns the value of being open to following new paths and leaving open doors as she finds them so that new experiences and people can enter her life. 

My new story 
My new story

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