Does Facebook Help Get Fans?

Here is the issue… I tend to write almost every day, for most of the day. It takes a lot of time and effort to produce a story. Then it takes formatting and publishing. When I am not writing, I swim or read about writing and publishing. Not just writing and publishing in general, but blogs that provide truly current advice. Blogs like The Business Rusch, which is about my favorite. These provide excellent food for thought, but if you read enough you run into the muck and mire of contradiction. Kris Rusch and her husband advocate doing almost no publicity. Their advice is to write, write, write, although they say it elegantly.

I have been asked many times for my Facebook page. Getting on Twitter cut into my time seriously enough. Granted it is decent to take a short break from writing and do something else now and then, but I find that for the something else to do its job, I need to shut down the computer and get my head out of my story. Messing about with all kinds of social accounts seems to push in the opposite direction and means spending MORE time on the computer and getting LESS done.

At the moment I am enjoying these blogs that lack much in the way of rhyme or reason. They don’t take a great deal of time and WordPress lets me send a plug out on twitter when it is ready for consumption. That way I say active (sort of) on Twitter too.

So what would Facebook add to the mix, if anything? What would any other social link provide that I can achieve between WordPress and  Twitter, bearing in mind that I also have Amazon and Smashwords author pages. What do you think? Please give me a little feedback either by answering the poll or adding comments.



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  1. Samir says:

    I’m just as curious as you are. I’ve not been active for long on social media and although I love the fact that FB helped connect me with my friends from my youth who are now all over the world, having used it for a while I don’t see how it necessarily provides value for an author.

  2. blairerotica says:

    That is pretty much my initial response too.

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