The Erotica Publishing Challenge

Those of us in the writing game agonize over the best way to be published. It’s a rapidly changing game, and there are no right answers anymore–just the things that work for a particular writer. There is more money and immediate gratification in self publishing; having a publisher want to produce your work has its own joys.

There is a lot to be said for publishing yourself, but it is a lot of work if you want it done well. Of course, what job isn’t? I self publish, but I work with other publishers as well. The House of Erotica released my novel (see Earning Respect in the sidebar to your right) and I also submit to various erotic anthologies. I think that anthologies put together by reputable publishers provide a nice way to get discovered by a larger audience, not to mention that someone else deals with producing covers, doing the formatting and taking care of distribution.

Xcite Books just published A SHORT CAMBODIAN AFFAIR. I was happy that the editor, Antonia Adams, chose my work for the title story. That is quite a kick. I have submitted other stories to Xcite and other publishers, and hope they will appear soon. (Of course, I will let you all know when they are released.)

Meantime, I continue publishing my own work on Smashwords and Amazon. It’s all ebooks, which seem to make the most sense, as most of them are short fiction. I will probably combine some stories into an anthology of my own soon, but there are many other projects ahead of that effort.

And then there are updates, upgrades, and keeping up with the industry. At the beginning of the year I released a short book of erotic poetry and short stories for free. A lot of folks have downloaded it, if not read it, which impressed me with the possibilities for doing more poetry. I love writing and reading erotic poetry, so I went back to the book, gave it a new cover (one I think is both more attractive and sexier), added new poems, gave it a thorough editing and reformatting, and released it as a new edition. It isn’t free this time, but only $1.49. The cover below links to the Smashwords edition, which gives you more format choices.

All this takes time away from writing, which is the real point, but it is exhilarating in its own way. It is all a learning experience and building up a publishing empire, even a tiny little one in the corner of the world of erotica, takes time and effort. I hope you enjoy the stories and comment on them. If you are a reviewer and interested in seeing my next work before I show it to the world, please contact me.

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