Cubic, Cubist Love

Cubic, Cubist Love

by Blair Erotica

copyright 2012 Blair Erotica


Like a painting

That is abstract

Yet its meaning clear.


Your passionate heat

Transmits intense messages

That I can hear.


Our bodies move together

Making lusty art

That knows no fear.


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  1. Samir says:

    I’m curious why you chose the title that you did?

    1. blairerotica says:

      This poem was written for a challenge on Erotica Readers and Writers Association to write an erotic poem that was a cube. It had to be three stanzas of three lines each (three cubed, you see) or some other combination. I love the challenge of writing to forms and have written Rondelle, Tirza Rima and Villanelles just for fun. I couldn’t resist. After I wrote the first draft, the poetry editor there suggested altering it to make all three last lines rhyme, so this is the result.

      At any rate, writing in a cube made me think of Picasso’s erotic work, hence the title.

  2. Samir says:

    Yes, that makes sense 😉

    The rhyming really tied it together.

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