Getting a change of perspective

Sometimes towards the end of a project the walls seem to close in. You want like hell to stay rooted in the chair and get the book (in this case) done but it isn’t happening. Or perhaps you are afraid that by driving forward you will only wreck it. You lose the ability to see your only writing clearly. Well, you can only push string a short distance uphill before it goes bad and then something has to change.

Fortunately a change of place can do it. It doesn’t need to be a big change, but just enough to let the thoughts shift and resettle, enough to let the stale ideas slip down to the bottom of the stack. Enough to feel you can return fresh.

The Kampot market as seen from the road to Phnom Penh

Sometimes it is more than enough to wander down to the market and let the sights and sounds overwhelm you. A quick motorbike ride is all it takes. Even a few minutes in the middle of busy sellers of fruit, vegetables, housewares, spices, fish and nam (snack food) can change my perspective on nearly everything.  Lovely.

Now back to work.


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