Another Link in the Chain

I have just released the paperback version of another of my short stories: A WEEK IN PARADISE.This is the story of two lovers who scrape together their meager cash to treat themselves to a well-deserved vacation on a tropical island, only to have it go wrong. But, as they are nice people, they meet nice people, and while it isn’t the adventure they planned, becomes an exciting (in the sexy sense) time for all concerned. And by the end, there are a number of people concerned.

It seems that stories about the tropics, especially the Caribbean are pretty popular. Hell what could be sexier that nice beaches, sunshine and naked, or nearly, bodies cavorting? Since the ebook has done well, I am making it available for you who prefer the tactile, sensuous touch of a paper page…  Naturally, in formatting the text for publication I found errata, things that could be improved, and flat out mistakes. So I have update the ebook versions as well so that they can all be new and improved. The newest versions take some time to get into the food chain, and Barnes & Nobel and iTunes and Sony and so on will still be selling the old versions for a while yet, but that is something I don’t control. The new Kindle version will be live tomorrow and the new Smashwords versions are live now.

 For you science fiction fans out there, at least those who like their science fiction to have a hard core of the erotic, I am working on a new series. Some travel and visits from friends will slow the first installment somewhat, but it should be ready later this year. Each installment will run about 60,000 words, be a standalone story based on a continuing set of characters and theme, and will be available in ebook and paperback as simultaneously as the ones and zeros of the internet and a distinct lack of parallel processing in my office, allow.

A story of a sexy vacation that goes wrong and then incredibly right.

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