Tropical Erotica

There always seems to be something about the tropics that raises the specter of good sex. Having lived in tropical places for many years, I understand it, at least a bit, and try to capture that sensibility in many of my stories.

EARNING RESPECT, published by House of Erotica, is the erotic tale of a woman named Margot, who runs a tropical resort on a private island, where sun and sand and sex are present in abundance. The problem is that it is failing and the owners are becoming unhappy with the bottom line.  When the owners demand she turn the business around or they will sell the island, her boyfriend, Jake, suggests contacting a magazine for swingers that runs vacation tours. Nichole, who owns the magazine, flies down and makes a proposal for saving all their jobs. She wants to make the island a destination for her readers; she thinks they will flock to a private island dedicated to their favorite pastime.

For Margot, Nicole’s proposal is a two-edged sword. Her sex life with Jake is already faltering due to her insecurities. While he would like her to be more adventurous, she worries that letting her true sexual nature emerge might lose her the respect of the people she cares about. But as Nicole fleshes out her ideas, she learns that those same fears might mean that she gets left out in the changeover. Finally Jake convinces her to let go and try some new sexual freedoms in the hope that she can save both her job and their relationship. With his help and that of some new friends, Margot learns what really constitutes respect, and how to satisfy her hidden desires at the same time.

The story runs a bit over 45,000 words. Here is a short excerpt.

After lunch, Margot as walked to the office, she passed Harry leaning against the wall. He had changed into nothing but shorts and Margot’s heart gave a flutter that forced her to admit to herself that she had noticed that he had a nice body. He was a big man and fit. He didn’t have weightlifter muscles, just a lean and hard body that suggested he took care of himself.

His eyes were fixed on her. He had a confident and knowing stare that she felt burning into her, that made her uneasy, almost invaded. It was as if he could see right through her tee shirt, through her shorts. She was glad she wasn’t wearing one of her tank tops. They showed too much of her breasts at the sides. Even like this, her pussy felt a twinge.

“Hey Margot,” he called out, smiling, his voice soft and liquid. “Nice day and a beautiful place you have here.”


He had a pleasant grin. “And you certainly are a nice lady to look at.”

She felt herself getting hot and cursed her body for reacting. “Thanks for the compliment, but my boyfriend might not appreciate hearing you talk like that.”

Harry just grinned. “Jake? Yeah I met him a while ago. I don’t think you give him enough credit, though. He doesn’t strike me as some insecure punk. No, I’d be willing to bet that he knows that he has a fine looking woman and that other men are going to stare.” He paused. “Other men are going to want her.”

She felt flustered. He was probably right. “Well then maybe the woman objects.”

Harry shrugged. “Okay. It was intended as flattery.”

“I don’t appreciate that kind of stare from strangers.”

“You don’t want a lusty stare from a stranger? That would be easy to fix; just get to know me better. I can change from stranger to good friend in an afternoon.”

“You are sleeping with Nichole.”

“We aren’t doing much sleeping,” he said smiling. “I think you meant that we are fucking each other.” The words sent another flash of heat between her legs. She willed herself not to respond, but she was getting moist. “Yes, we had a great time last night in Trinidad. The lady is hot. I am sure that our lustful encounter will continue here. I’d love to screw her into the sand on a beach with the surf lapping at our feet.”

Margot tried not to squirm. “Should a gentleman talk about a lady like that?”

He laughed. “I wouldn’t really know anything about what a gentleman should or shouldn’t do. I just know that Nichole is a pretty and sexy lady, and quite different from you, I suspect. I admit that this observation or assessment is limited by only a brief exploration of her body and an even more limited knowledge of you, but I pride myself on having good taste as well as being able to make quick, yet accurate judgments. It is an important skill for a pilot.”

“Well, since we both have someone, and this is just playful flirting, I have work to do. So we can skip ahead to where we agree to see each other around campus later.”

“Ah never skip ahead. You might miss the best parts without knowing it. Savor the zest, little lady. Flirtatious words are always good ones. There is no such thing and unkind flattery, and sometimes flirting is the best part of life. Teasing is gentle foreplay.”

“Gentle or not, foreplay is designed to lead to intercourse. Isn’t Nichole enough for you?”

He seemed to take no offense at all from anything she said. She couldn’t even make him angry. He gave her a warm and sincere smile. “Nichole is a wonderful sexual partner. But enough? Enough for what?  She satisfies me when I am with her, but I am not with her at the moment.”

“Being with someone doesn’t necessarily mean that they are beside you. You have, well, and arrangement with her. Isn’t that sufficient?”

“Did someone decide on some magic number of people we are allowed to have sex with in a particular time frame? I must have missed that.”

“It is pretty commonly thought that one partner at a time is correct. And I don’t mean night after night with one partner at a time.”

He chuckled. “I agree that that idea is commonly held by the drones with more fear in their hearts than dreams. It is a refuge for those who cannot manage any independence or originality.”

“Perhaps it is my refuge too,” she said flatly.

He stood up and took a toothpick from his pants pocket. “I don’t think you are speaking what is in your heart at all,” he said. He turned to walk past her and as he came close to her ear, he said, “And I am quite positive that your wet pussy doesn’t agree with your words either.”

She watched him go, unable to speak. When he had gone, she looked down at her crotch, fully expecting to see a dark stain, but nothing was visible. Then he was just guessing that he was turning her on.

She went on to the office feeling puzzled at her feelings. She didn’t even know Harry, yet her body had responded to him. She saw herself reflected in the window of a truck. Shit! Her nipples were so hard that it was obvious she was excited. Okay, so part of her wanted to know what it would be like to fuck a man like Harry. Oh, quit fudging, she told herself. She would like to know what it was like to fuck Harry. She wondered if his cock was big, she wondered if his tongue would be hot like Jake’s when he licked her cunt. Her body wanted him badly, and she felt guilty about it.

She determined to fuck Jake that night. She had to get these other men out of her mind. If nothing else, it might calm his anger, patch things up a bit, and distract her.

Unfortunately, Jake seemed distant all evening. She tried saying sexy things, but his mind was somewhere else and he didn’t catch her intention. She thought of just screaming out for him to fuck her, but when she tried, she came up empty. The words wouldn’t come out.



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