Wandering Asia

It isn’t easy to maintain a regular blog under the best of conditions. Life gets in the way and blogging regularly, thoughtfully, requires preparation and the time to do it. Lately I’ve gone dark because my focus has been on writing and travel. The push in my work day has been to complete a couple of writing projects, erotic novels, and while both are going well, only one is nearing completion.

And naturally life doesn’t stop while you write. Simple domestic chores can interrupt, and in the middle of it all came a planned trip.

Travel is optional, I suppose, but it doesn’t seem to me that there is any point in being in Asia, in living in any interesting place if I am not going to get out and experience it. I can sit in a small room and write anywhere on the planet. Part of why I want to be here is to interact with the culture, the entire world around me. Sitting in my room, not leaving my computer, my writing will become stale and uninformed by life. So periodically I venture out, whether it is a major trip to Thailand or Malaysia or simply hopping on my motor scooter to explore the local environs, maybe wandering around a wat taking photos. Photos can become book covers and are useful memory jogs when trying to add in local color in a story. Here are a few recent shots.

Oddly enough, the  book I am deep into at the moment (the novel I m hoping to complete by the end of the November) doesn’t even take place in Asia. Still, getting out keeps the mind fresh anyway and other books will certainly be based here. It also is causing me to get back to studying Khmer actively again.


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  1. Nick says:

    I’m in Siem Reap and write for a living too… in truth I spend most of my time here in my room ignoring the world at large. I don’t find that I’m good at getting lost in other cultures, this might be because I’m a jaded expat…

    I just spent 2 weeks in Thailand and between the hospital and the hotel room I saw absolutely nothing else… nightmare.

  2. I don’t think getting “lost” in another culture is the right idea. Interacting with it is not quite that. When I write, in a manner of speaking I ignore the world at large, but the stored experiences are there to tap into — if I get them.

    Dealing with hospitals and hotels doesn’t lend itself well to an enjoyable time. I hope you’ll have a chance to experience some of Thailand under better circumstances.

    I haven’t made it to Siem Reap yet!

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