A Quickie for free

Do you like lust in bite-sized chunks? One of my erotic flash fiction stories is available (or soon will be) for free at http://www.freeflashfiction.com. It is called A Phone Call and it is about one of the dangers that has arisen with the advent of cell phones. For all their wondrous qualities, cell phones can make fooling around more treacherous. Ah life.

Why am I vague about when it will be posted? Well, the editor said it will be published on Nov 29th, but I am in Asia and it is then now. Quite likely wherever they live it won’t be then until tomorrow. (Confused are we? No, not us, but the folks who organized these conventions.) As the name suggests, this new site is a great source of free nuggets for voracious readers. The site has all sorts of juicy little morsels of fiction, not just erotica, so check it out.

If you like the flash fiction, then you will love my stories at Smashwords and Amazon.  For those of you who love erotic fiction but live without ereaders or harbor a hatred of ereading, some of the stories are available in paperback as well and show up on the Amazon page.


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