Real Estate Erotica

I’ve always liked older wooden houses, the kind where there are far too many places for spider webs and it is easy to put something and not find it again for a long time, maybe until after you’ve forgotten about it completely.  I put that feeling into my latest story, which is really a very sexy story of a woman selling such a house.  I figure that real estate erotica might be a small niche, but hey!  The house in the story had been divided up into the kind of apartments that are often home to students or others who can’t afford the upmarket and often characterless apartments that a city provides for those with money. The woman loves it but now she is selling it to a guy who is interested in lots more than the purchase price.

The story is just under 10,00 words and the official blurb goes like this:

Lori is a bored receptionist at a real estate agency with a wicked sense of humor and a strong desire for sexual exploration. Ben is a hot guy looking to buy an old house. Lori knows just the place and proposes a private and exclusive showing. And although neither of them know it yet, Lori’s roommate Jean is about to become part of the deal.

So here is the cover of A PRIVATE SHOWING and a short teaser section from the story — not the real sizzling sexy part, although it is part of the erotic build up, but just a sample of the writing. The cover links to the Smashwords page, but it is also on Amazon US and Amazon UK.









He grinned. “I thought your warning sounded like the voice of experience. So are you planning to have an open house?”

I smiled at him hoping it wasn’t a dorky smile. “I was thinking more of offering a private showing,” I said. “If you like it and buy it, then I don’t have to deal with all that crap.” He smiled back. We were both smiley as hell. But behind his smile I sensed that same sharp edge that I saw in his eyes; I was finding him sexier all the time.

“So when can I see this place?”

I shrugged, feeling kind of embarrassed, which I never do. “Anytime you want,” I said and was adding “and do anything you want” in my brain, but I wasn’t totally sure I wanted him to get that part. Not know anyway. I don’t usually like letting a guy think he has the upper hand, even if he is hot. Somehow that screws things up. But then this guy wasn’t like any guy I had known before, even if I couldn’t say exactly how. He was confident and seemed happy to let things just flow. I remembered the word sinister suddenly — it just sort of popped into my head. I tried it on him and it fit pretty well. There was some of that in his smile too.

“It’s Friday afternoon,” he said, like he was talking to himself. “If the place looks right and you are asking a reasonable price, then we could start the paperwork Monday.” Then he looked at me and his smile was harder, almost wicked. “Any reason you can’t host your private showing today?”

“I have nothing special is going on,” I said. “Why not?”

He laughed at me. “Good. If the property is right I will know it right away.” Then his smile faded and he melted me with a look that I can’t think of a word for yet. I’ll let you know if I can think of it. “If I like what I see, then you and I will need to discuss some of the terms of the deal in detail.”

“Okay,” I said, not sure that I wanted to think too hard about what he might mean. I mean we both knew we weren’t talking about the house, not entirely. Already I had started to tremble and my favorite “let’s do it” smile felt pretty sheepish when I put it on. I looked into his face wondering how I looked to him and feeling a little hot. Okay, a lot. “I’m not sure how much negotiating there will be with you.”


“I think you like to state the terms and are a lot about taking control.” He just grinned, so I pushed him a little. “Am I wrong?”

I swear the color in his eyes shifted to a cold slate gray in an instant. “You might be more right than you think,” he said. “I’ll put it to you this way; if all you are interested in is selling this place, then arrange to have Polly show it to me Monday morning. That makes it all business. Or you can give me the private showing you mentioned. When I investigate an opportunity, I am extremely thorough. And yes, when it comes to negotiations, I like to have things go my way.”

The way he said it sent a chill through me. He had just put all the cards on the table. God, it was like one of those scary movies when you want to shut your eyes but have to watch. I was real sure I was getting into something heavy. I guess that’s what I wanted, though, cause I didn’t back off.

I was kind of trembling now, feeling like I was standing on the edge of something pretty weird. I stumbled around in my head trying to think of words while those damn eyes of his cut me to pieces. “I don’t know,” I said. “You scare me a little.”

That’s when he laughed. Even his laugh managed to be both a turn on and spooky too. “You knew what you wanted from the moment that our eyes met, Lori. You are attracted by the very fact that I frighten you a bit.” He reached over and grabbed my wrist. “You want to be pushed to do things you only dream about. You want me to take you places you have never been before.”

To be honest, that was about right. Still, hearing him saying it like that was scary. A smart girl would probably have told him to get lost. What I said was, “I guess so.” Pretty inane, huh?


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    I ‘pin’ this on 2 of my pin boards on Pinterest – things that are interesting and secret xxx. Let me wish you success on your book!

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