Here is a free bit of flash fiction (for adults only) I hope you will enjoy.



by Blair Erotica

The conversation with her best friend, Tina, had been the most awkward of her life and all because of her argument with Roger. The argument resulted in a bet that found Marge convincing Tina to join them in a threesome to settle the bet. As she listened, Tina’s initial surprise gave way to a wicked smile. And then the bitch had made her beg, which wasn’t fair since Tina thought Roger was hot.

Now, watching them kiss, Marge sighed. It actually hurt seeing Roger fill Tina’s mouth with his tongue, his hands moving over her lithe body, caressing her breasts. Roger told Marge to nuzzle the back of Tina’s slim neck, leaving a trail of kisses down her to her ass. “Make her so hot she melts down,” he said and Tina moaned delightedly.

Putting Tina on the bed, he gently spread her legs. He put Marge’s hand on her pussy. “Separate the delicate petals,” he said. “Show me her lusty invitation written in pink flesh.” As she did, he inserted a finger and Tina’s mouth came open, she began to writhe against the mattress. When he withdrew the finger, he put it to Marge’s lips. “Suck it.” Then he bent down and tasted Tina—she moaned with delight. She watched him push Tina’s shapely legs back toward her chest and felt the agony of her own need and at the sight of the lovely head of his stiff cock moving between Tina’s swollen pussy lips, Marge let out a low moan.

“Kiss her on the mouth while I fuck her,” Roger said.

Marge’s hesitant kiss met a hot breath of delight escaping Tina’s lips; Tina’s pupils grew wide as his cock slowly filled her cunt. Marge put her own tongue in the tiny mouth.

When Roger turned Tina onto her side and lay behind her, lifting her leg, he smiled at Marge. “Put it in her sweet cunt.” Her trembling fingers captured his slippery cock and guided back it in Tina’s wet folds. Roger’s hand on her head pulled Marge’s face against the musky wetness of Tina’s cunt. “Lick her while I fuck her.”

The heat of his cock inches away from her cheek aroused her as her own tongue sought out Tina’s hard clitoris. She caught it between her lips — Tina gasped and her body began shaking. Roger’s cock continued moving deliciously in and out of Tina, and Marge moved her face close. She licked them both until Roger came.

“So did you enjoy collecting on the bet?” Tina asked him.

He laughed. “I am enjoying myself but I didn’t win anything. The bet was that Marge would enjoy a threesome.”

Tina smiled at Marge. “And?”

Marge knelt over Tina’s head, opening her pussy with her fingers as she lowered it to Tina’s face. “The results aren’t all in,” she said, leaning forward, sighing as Tina’s hot tongue caressed the folds of her sex. Then Marge gave in to a shudder at the touch of Roger’s fingertip in the center of her anus as he rubbed a cool lubricating gel on it.

“So far, he is ahead on points,” she admitted.


One Comment Add yours

  1. Huck Pilgrim says:

    Nice work! Just the right length. I love the ambiguity around the wager and how it works for a nice close.

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