Learning old tricks

The advent of ebooks has led to an onslaught of promotional techniques. And I, being a writer and not a promoter, have lagged behind.

Gift Wrapped
Temporarily free erotic novella

So,somewhat behind the curve, compared to those more adept at self promotion, I am going to try launching my new novella, GIFT WRAPPED, by giving it away free for a five days on Kindle Select. (I would like to note that this handy link will also point to the paperback version of the book, should you not be a fan of ebooks or just believe that erotica is best when you can fondle the pages or such like.)

A caveat here: I am not a fan of the Select program, but wiser heads than I claim caving in to its demands for exclusivity for three months is worth the compromise. I do want people to find my books, to be able to see if they like the style and content. There are many ways of doing this but you can’t do all of them. So, starting May 16th, GIFT WRAPPED will be free at Amazon.

Free erotica
Free Blair Erotica Short Story

This is, as they say, A LIMITED TIME OFFER. A one-time offer, as a matter of fact.

Once the free period ends on May 20th, that is it. I won’t do it again for this book. When the 90 days is over I will put it up in other formats in as many places as possible–but for actual money. But if you want to try one of my longer (semi-long) stories for free, here is your chance. I get bummed because so many “free” books are nothing more than a teaser where you have to buy another version to get the whole story. But this is the whole thing for the cost of a download–for a limited time. This is a test for me. If it doesn’t interest people in trying my other books, which are reasonably priced, then I won’t bother with this approach again. If it works, well then it will be worth doing for future books.

And if you want a shorter sample for free, or don’t have a Kindle, don’t forget that you can taste my short story A Night With the Skinny Girl. It is available on most online ebook stores for free. You can get it from iTunes Bookstore, Barnes & Noble and Kobo as well as Smashwords. I am excited about this story as it has averaged four star ratings from readers at both Kobo and Smashwords. Kindle users can get the Mobi version from Smashwords, and they have it in PDF and other formats as well.


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