The Lure of Free Sex

Okay it was a free erotic book, not really free sex, but I enjoyed the recent test of Amazon Kindle free days for my book GIFT WRAPPED. Giving away the book for five days seemed to justify the title of this blog and I am calling it a reasonable success in terms of getting books into the hands of readers — and that is the thing a writer wants to do. Sure earning money is important, but for someone interested in the longer term, building a readership is vital. So I am calling the test good. I have plans for variations on the theme for other book introductions and will be making this book available on other ebook platforms as soon as the exclusive ends at Amazon. I would like to point out that Amazon also sells the book in paperback. I am a sucker for print books even in this digital world.  (Is there a market for erotic Luddite fiction?)

I hope some of you who took advantage of the offer or who bought the book will leave a review of the book so that other people will know what you thought of it. An honest review is always appreciated if not always enjoyed.


Gift Wrapped by Blair EroticaSailing on a Lusty Breeze

My online promotional efforts are both erratic and primitive. I am on twitter but not Facebook. I don’t read much on twitter so try not to annoy others with meaningless posts there either. This isn’t because I don’t care about fans or what is called “building a fan base” (a term I am not fond of) but because I spend the bulk of my writing effort and time working on the next book. I believe that readers want more books and less chatter.

At the moment, that next book is the second book in the Fantasy Charters Series. The first book, Sailing on a Lusty Breeze, lays the groundwork. Roger is a sailor who takes a job on a private yacht. He is to help a couple sail it from Florida down to the Windward Islands in the Caribbean. The couple intend the trip to give themselves time to repair a damaged relationship. The trip becomes an erotic adventure that leaves Roger stranded in the Caribbean without a job. Of course he finds one. How could the erotic adventures continue otherwise? Given that I have told you it is a series, it isn’t really a spoiler to tell you that he goes to work on the charter boat Fantasy–a catamaran based on the island. Of course the Captain is sexy and sensual.

The second book is about the ins and outs of Caribbean charters with a serious erotic bent. People go to the Caribbean for romance as much as sun, and while sailing is nice (I am a sailor) Fantasy Charters is about fulfilling the fantasies of people who have romantic ideas about sailing. The charter business is tough and you need to find a niche. In this book, Lateenya (Captain and owner of Fantasy) and Roger hook up with some interesting business people who cater to swingers. The result is Swinging at Anchor, which will be available in June.

The third book is also in the works and my notebook is filling with ideas for the fourth, so expect the series to blossom into an exciting, sexy, kinky adventure on a charter boat in the tropics. Stay tuned, as they used to say on network television.






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  1. dcardiff says:

    I’ve just downloaded Sailing on a Lusty Breeze and Phone Sex. I’m looking forward to reading them. I like your writing style.


    1. Thanks Dennis. I hope you enjoy them.

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