Keeping Promises

I promised that the second book in the Fantasy Charter series would be available soon and I am happy to say that SWINGING AT ANCHOR is up in the Kindle format at Amazon now.

Swingin at Anchor This story runs a bit over 22,000 words and I have put it in the Select program for 90 days (borrow away, readers!). As I have discussed before, I am playing with ways to reach the most readers and this is part of the grand experiment. A notable part of the experiment is that I have dropped the price of the first book, SAILING ON A LUSTY BREEZE to 99 cents. It should be at that price soon on all the big ebook sites. I haven’t decided how long I will keep it at that price as I am just trying to give readers a chance to see if the stories appeal to them. The book is filled with hot sex of various sorts and about 20,00o words long, so it is a bargain.

The first book tells the story of Roger’s erotic trek down island and follows him until he connects (in several exciting ways) with Lateenya and her boat Fantasy. This series is a bit of a departure from my other stories in some ways (at least from the writer’s viewpoint) and I hope you like it as there are several more in the works.

When the 90 days ends for Book two in the Select program, and all things being equal (are they ever?), I’ll be making the book  available in all the other usual places and in every format. For paper junkies, the paperback should be available at Amazon and Createspace in just a few days.



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