Erotic book sale

Several of my books are going to be on sale for July at Smashwords. A number are half price and of course my free story A NIGHT WITH THE SKINNY GIRL is always there.You can get the first book in the FANTASY CHARTER series, SAILING ON A LUSTY BREEZE for half price. The second book (SWINGING AT ANCHOR) is on Amazon now, and will be available in the other channels in a couple of months. Both are available in paperback as well.

The link takes you to my Smashwords author page where you can looks at the list of books. Just click on a book and the discount coupon will be right there on the book page. Start reading on July 1–if you like my erotic stories (and they are mostly hot! stories) then you can go back and take advantage of me… I mean the sale. The nice thing about Smashwords ( is that you can get them in almost any ebook format your lusty heart might desire, from Kindle to Nook to plain text.

Enjoy your summer.


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