Fantasy Charters #3

I’ve just put up the third book in the Fantasy Charter series: SHORE LEAVE. It is another 20,000 word segment in the world of Lateenya and Roger as they try to realize their dream of making the charter business sexier as well as more profitable. It’s on Amazon now and will be going up elsewhere as soon as the current traveling, hopping continents, stops for a bit.

Shore Leave FC#3 It isn’t in paperback yet, although the other two books, SAILING ON A LUSTY BREEZE and SWINGING AT ANCHOR both are.

The fourth book is in the works.

The first four are all told from the viewpoint of Roger, the able seaman and cocksman aboard the good ship Fantasy. After that, you’ll be getting some other perspectives.

I wouldn’t want you getting bored, after all.

Wishing you my lusty best,


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  1. says:

    Well, wish you best of luck and hope this will sell well. Pin this on my board as a form of moral support at
    Do get your supporters to repin this !

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