A writer more than an author

I have been told that I am not posting here often enough. That is an interesting idea to me, as usually what people mean by “enough” is that I am not building my author platform. My problem is that I am a writer, more than an author. Although I am a published author, by definition, what I am, the me behind the books, is a writer.

Writers writer.

Now many writer/authors tell me that writing blogs is as important as writing books. Again, that idea is tied to the objective being something related to building a brand, or a marketable image. I am not against those things, but when I sit down to write, what drives me is telling stories. Hell, I can’t even manage to keep to a particular style. I write erotica, but some are funnier than others, some are serious existential inquiries (sounds pompous as hell, doesn’t it? But that is how they are for me.) and some are sexy romps–just about sheer pleasure. I wax poetic and graphic, sometimes at the same time.

It is hard to remember to sit down and write a blog post. Even when I do, I was taught “show, don’t tell” and a blog is inherently telling you something that I would rather you just read and made up your own mind (stories, fantasies) about.

No, that isn’t good business. So I will end with a plug. My latest book in the Fantasy Charter series is called FULL MOON CRUISE and it is being looked at by my beta readers now. It will be available in ebook and paperback on November 1st to give me time to incorporate thoughts from Beta readers and to get it edited. (Plug: Book one, SAILING ON A LUSTY BREEZE, is now only 99 cents in the hope of getting you addicted.)

The entire series will soon be up on Smashwords (and so, B&N, iTunes, Kobo, etc) , Amazon and All Romance E-books. After that, the first four books will be coming out in a single volume, for those who like thick books. 

After book four, I will take a break from the series to explore some new ideas and new locales. Having been in Asia for a few years, my brain is unfolding story ideas based there.  

And that is the news. Now back to writing.


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