An Erotic Anthology

I’ve recently released an ebook anthology of three stories (about 25,000 words of erotica), titled EROTIC ENCOUNTERS.

Erotic Encounters This includes An Encounter with Paris, An Encounter with Pure Pleasure and The Erotic Poet and the Nude Photographer. All three stories do involve erotic encounters, as the title implies.  Writing about encounters is far different from writing about sexual relationships as there is inherently an emphasis on the unknown, the new, the different. What I find intriguing is exploring the various ways in which a change of partner, having sex in an exotic place (for the person) colors their responses. If they are open to change, to other ways of loving, it can be exciting.

If you haven’t read these stories (they are available separately), this is a great way (cheap) to taste all three.




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    New erotica anthology available from Blair Erotica!

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