Can’t Get Enough

I’ve been staying busy with writing lately… fiction, not blogs. I recently finished a couple of stories that I wrote to submit to anthologies. I enjoy writing for them because they give me specific deadlines and a framework. The challenge of meeting an editor’s word count requirements as well as writing the kind of story they want to their theme presents a great challenge. It also gives me a chance to work with different publishers, and it is interesting to see the differences in how they treat authors, promote books and so on. This also helps introduce my stories to readers that I might not reach otherwise. All in all, good for everyone.

Taking this approach has gotten me to write (and submit) my first erotic Western story. That led me to try writing an an erotic Western novella (nearly done) and a couple of other stories in different genres–all erotica, of course.  I’ll announce any stories that are accepted as they happen.

As an example of the joy of writing for anthologies (when successful), my story “Embraceable You” is part of a new anthology coming out from Cleis Press called Can’t Get Enough. Tennile asked for story about insatiability and I did my best. The publisher describes the collection this way:

Veteran erotica author and first-time editor Tenille Brown has collected stories for Can’t Get Enough that highlight the essence of insatiable desire. With contributions from familiar names like Rachel Kramer Bussel, Jacqueline Applebee, and Giselle Renarde, along with newer voices like Monica Corwin and Beatrix Ellroy, this is a book full of diverse and dynamic characters who are bold and daring and even some who are surprisingly subtle. The authors here knock the Can’t Get Enough theme right out of the park with stories that will leave readers as breathless as the characters they’re reading about, dying for more.


This anthology is available for preorder in paperback at Amazon  and scheduled for release in July.


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