Learning New Things

I’ve been working steadily on new stories. I write almost every day. As I go, learning a great deal. I haven’t ever struggled to write, but always felt that learning storytelling is a continuous, never-ending process. Every story I write reinforces that idea. Every story I read gives me new insights and ideas on how to approach the next story. It is a lovely and difficult thing. The writing muse is a wondrous and demanding bitch. It isn’t enough to write well; each story must be better than the last.

For some people that can sound ominous. Oh my God, I have to be better. For me it is fantastic thing. When I discover a new and better, or perhaps only different, way to do something I love, I feel it enriches me and the reader.

I read a blog that suggested writers need to write in a variety of genres. The fascinating thing about erotica is that it contains all the genres. Writing Western erotic romance requires learning to write a good Western that is also a romance, and of course, erotic. Crime erotica means learning about mysteries. I’ve finished two long short stories (sort of a contradiction, but at around 12,000 words, what else are they?) that are steampunk. They are under consideration for an anthology now. I wrote a story about the roaring twenties…a singer in a club in Paris. That is also submitted to an anthology.  If they don’t find a home there, I will probably publish them myself, although who knows? It depends on what else is going on, what other publishers might be doing. I’m very proud of all three of those stories even though the one I’m trying to finish now will be even better.

So the New Year is starting off with a burst of enthusiasm. There will undoubtedly be ups and downs, but I think this will be a good year for writing and reading erotic fiction.









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