New Erotica

I mentioned in my last post that The Waystation is being published by Totally Bound. The publishing schedule has been set.

The WaystationHere is the blurb:

Martha, a lonely widow, scrapes a living running a remote waystation in the arid high country of New Mexico. Her day to day existence is brightened by the arrival of Frank, a young deputy. In their brief time together, they discover they share an unhappiness with their lives and, more importantly, a passionate desire for each other. Before Frank leaves, he tells her that she needn’t be alone again, that he’ll return to her. It is more than Martha could’ve hoped for. She finally sees some spark of hope and life in the barren land she lives in.

A storm brings an outlaw to her door–the very same outlaw Frank has been trying to catch. The wanted poster never mentioned Brent’s charm, or his confidence. What he offers Martha is a love quite different from any she has ever known before. What Brent sees in Martha is a future, a refuge from a life spent on the run. Reality dictates otherwise and when Frank returns, Martha faces a seemingly impossible choice.

Will she remain and live a quiet life with Frank, forever wondering if she made the right decision or will Brent offer a way that all three of them can enjoy a future together?


It will be available soon.

Pre Order: 25th July
Pre-Release: 8th August
General Release: 5th September





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  1. says:

    Yes, pin the book cover on my board at
    You can try to repin or get others to do for you
    Wish you best of luck in your sales of this book title !

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