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Welcome to the June Free Kindle Giveaway!

Every month, gives away free kindles to one or more lucky giveaway winners. Entering is simple–just follow the directions on the rafflecopter at the bottom of this post! I’ve joined with other authors in sponsoring this exciting opportunity. But before you rush off to sign up, please take a moment to learn about an amazing erotic book from another of the giveaway’s amazing sponsors!

Consume by Nina Andrews


Alex is the Boss’ number one girl at the Nyx Gentlemen’s Club, and she loves what she does. Hot men, money, and lingerie are some of her favorite things about working at Nyx. Besides the passionate encounters, her favorite reward is the thrill of taking something from the men she lures. The unsuspecting gentlemen don’t know what is at stake when they spend a steamy night with her at Nyx.

**Consume (Lusty Supernaturals 1) contains explicit content intended for mature audiences.**


Buy it now!

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