The Consortium Book 2

Consortium: an association of two or more individuals, companies or organizations with the intention of achieving a common goal.


(40,000 words.)

Liz has taken on the job of getting a border town construction project on schedule. It’s a rough world but she loves working with the hot guys on her crew, including a gypsy biker named Tom. Her incompetent boss gives her headaches, and an unusual desire to win Tom gives her a heartache as she struggles to prove herself at work, and win Tom’s heart.


The Consortium is growing. As Liz is swept up into a very erotic romance, she encounters Josh South, a founder of the consortium. He is an investor in the project Liz is working on, and his ideas for the way the world could be include Liz and some of her friends. Meanwhile she struggles to make her relationship with Tom move toward a happy, at least for now, ending.


Available NOW as an ebook at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Scribd, and Page Foundry (inktera).


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