Roaring Twenties Erotica

House of Erotica has just released a new anthology

Flappers, Jazz and Valentino

Is it not enough to lead my son into wild ways without teaching my daughter the tango? – Dona Luisa, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

Step back in time to a decade full of glamour, glitz and decadent sin with this collection of erotica set in the Roaring Twenties. With twelve stories, in all shades from romantic and sensual to burning hot, this collection is the perfect appetizer for a night out at the speakeasy. A journalist gets a sexy introduction to the sinful syncopation of jazz music. A three-way tango performance becomes the steamiest ticket in town. The owners of a speakeasy set up a very special audition for their new trumpet boy. All this jazz and more in Flappers, Jazz and Valentino, edited by Jillian Boyd.

My story, Songbird, the story of a female jazz singer in Paris, is in there, along with stories by Lola White, Brent Archer, Blacksilk, V.C.,  T.G. Haynes, Angela R. Sargenti, Eva Starling, and Sasha Distan.

Now available at:

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