Audiobook reviewers

Reviews wind up being important to writers. They provide feedback, and apparently do sell books. Audiobooks are becoming an important way to reach readers, but I find few reviewers willing to tackle audio books. Or perhaps the number of reviewers hasn’t caught up with the trend yet. Whatever the issue, I am trying to find people who would love to listen to juicy erotica and tell others what they think.

I now have these five out and more in the works. Some are getting attention, others languish. Who knows why? But I love all my children and want to do right by them, and I need your help.

To that end, I am actively seeking reviewers. I can supply ten download codes for each of these titles. If you are willing to listen, write an honest review, and post it, just send me an email at with “audiobook review” in the subject line. In the email, tell me which title you’d like to review. Include a second choice in case people beat you to your first choice. I’ll send you a download code and instructions on how to get it from After you post your review, if it is on your own blog, or a site other than Amazon, send me a link and I’ll promote it.


ParadiseACX Poet Audiobook skinny girl ACX Spring Tide ACX


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