Fantasies and escaping into them

On September 5th Totally Bound is releasing my erotic historical Western short story (15,000 words) called The Waystation. (It’s actually available for early download now!). The story involves a menage and I was invited to contribute a piece to Lucy Walton’s column at Female First on the subject of escaping into erotic fantasies. What writer of erotica could resist the chance to explore that idea in print, especially for a website that covers such a broad range of subjects of interest to women?

Writing an analytic piece not only provided new and interesting challenges, but made me stop and think about what I am doing as a writer and why I’m doing it. It’s good to take a pause like that once in a while–take a breath, think and see where it is all going. In this case, it was fun and enlightening to rethink what it means to create an erotic fantasy and to examine the role these fantasies play.

The article is live now, and I hope you’ll pop over there and take a look. 


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    Hope your book will sell well. Have already pin this on my board at Do get your fans and friends to re-pin this ! Good luck !

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