The View

What we think of things often depends on how we view them.

Our view filters things, changes their meaning, or at least colors our interpretation of things. So perspective should never be underestimated. When it comes to sex and passion, there are many ways to see things. That is the premise of my story THE VIEW FROM A DARKENED ROOM, which is now available as an audiobook from Amazon. Narrated by Victoria Hawke, this is the story of a young woman who has her life turned upside down and runs away from the reminders of failure, seeking a secluded place to find herself. The place she finds turns out to provide the start of an erotic adventure.

 And of course this is also available as an ebook from most retailers.

Here is a short excerpt.

Kate found her suitcase lying on the bed. She opened it, thinking that maybe unpacking would help her get relaxed. The small closet and dresser provided plenty of space for the little she had brought. The bathroom was tiny, and she sighed when she saw there was no tub. So much for the idea of spending relaxing hours in the tub with a good book. A lot of good it did that she had remembered to bring bubble bath and a number of good books with her; the dream had to adapt to the place.

She noted a sign on the wall titled Guest Services. A quick look told her that someone named Betty drove to town on Wednesday mornings. For a small fee, she would pick up groceries or things needed from the store, and take in and pick up laundry. That was helpful. She wouldn’t need to go into town unless she wanted to.

Besides her clothing, she had brought a few other necessities. She found her box sitting on the counter of the tiny kitchen. She opened it and took out a coffee press, kettle, ground coffee, three bottles of wine, corkscrew and some cheese and crackers. Enough, she thought, to avoid the necessity of going out to eat the first night. With luck, she’d find a deli in town and be able to stock up on some other food and hunker down in her little mansion on Helen’s Hill.

She opened a bottle of red wine and poured a big glass. “The first course of my nutritious meal,” she laughed and took a close look at the place that would be home for month. The front porch occupied a corner of the house, with the bedroom taking the rest of the space in the front. The bedroom had two windows. One looked out to where her dusty car sat in the afternoon sun; the other opened onto the passage between houses. A shuttered window faced it on the other side. Kate smiled.

The front door opened from the porch into tiny living room and the bathroom and kitchenette were opposite it. The living room had one window. Like the one in the bedroom, it faced a shuttered window on the shack across. If the shacks were similar in layout, she decided that her bedroom window would face a living room window on Helen’s shack, and her living room would have a view of the neighbor’s bedroom window. She thought of Helen’s comment about the view. It didn’t seem like much.

The back of the living room had two back doors. “Curious,” she muttered. Sipping her wine, she opened the one on her left. This was the one she and Helen had used coming in from the public space. At the bottom of the stairs were some of the lounge chairs she had seen earlier. Across the way, a dark-haired young woman with short hair sat reading a book. She wore a skimpy bikini had her chair situated in a sunny spot.

Kate went back inside and tried the other door. “What’s behind door number two?” she murmured, and found that it led inside a darkened room.

It would have been pitch black inside except that some of the wall wasn’t solid, but a lattice of wood that let in light. The dim light showed a bare room. Looking out through the lattice, she had a clear view of the woman sunning herself, but the contrast between the glare outside and the darkness of the room meant that she was invisible. The room sat slightly above the level of the patio so that she looked down at the woman on the patio, who was chatting with her neighbor Carl who had stopped by her chair. When she looked straight across to her right, she had a clear view of the back porch of Helen’s house. This room had probably once been a porch too, but someone had enclosed it with the lattice.

Kate liked the feeling of standing there in the shadows. She could watch people and not be seen; that seemed right for now. While she wanted involvement with other humans, she wasn’t ready to expose herself to them. This situation, she decided, could be fun.


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