Finding your billionaire

coverOne of the current vogues in erotica and romance is billionaires. Another author I’ve worked with, Nicola Nichols, has launched a three part series about a woman’s search for her own billionaire. She started with the knowledge that there are now over 1000 billionaires in the world, and combined that with the theory of six degrees of separation, the 1929 theory that only five people separate us from any other person on the planet. So how hard can the search be?

Sandy, the main character, quickly learns that although the search might not be that hard, a lot of hard cock and tasty pussy line the path. The first story, Six Sizzling Degrees Apart,starts her on her erotic way. It’s available in KiNDLE UNLIMITED now. The second part of her story Follow the Money, will be available next week and the final episode (because that’s sort of what they are) is called Tying Up Loose Ends, and involves Sandy finding out some of the kinkier sex games rich folk enjoy.

I think you’ll love it.

Here is a little piece of the first story.

Paula obviously had an understanding, or agreement with these guys—they’d established a pattern of behavior, if nothing else. While we drank our wine, they worked as if we weren’t there, not even stealing glances in our direction. After a time they took off their shirts. I liked what I saw. Rugged was the word that came to mind in looking at these two and unless they were gay, either of them looked like he could make a girl really happy in bed. If they were, they’d make some guy really happy. Given what Paula had said, the worst case was they were bi, and I could deal with that.

They seemed to enjoy their work. Finally they seemed to be done. They carefully, and methodically, put away the tools and rolled up the hoses. I wondered if they did that to please her sense of order. Then they came over to the table. George stood partly behind Tom. “We finished.”

She nodded. “Good work. It looks lovely.”

Tom walked behind her chair. She turned her head to look at him, but he grabbed her head and turned it back. “Keep looking that way, Paula.” I looked at him quizzically but he just tipped his head and smiled. It was a pleasant smile, but there was something in his blue eyes that made me shiver. He placed the tip his finger at the base of Paula’s skull. She bent her head forward and he ran his finger down her spine to the point where he touched her dress. He hooked the dress with his finger. “Put your hands flat on the table, Paula.” When she did, he began to tug at her dress, pulling it down. She’d pulled the material over her shoulder to cover her breast and tucked it into the waist. His motion pulled it out of the waist an up again, exposing one soft, pale breast. “That’s real pretty Paula. Now I want you to correct an oversight. When we got here, you never introduced us properly, did you?”

“No.” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. A flush of arousal was coloring her neck. “I was rude.”

“You were a bitch.”

“I was a bitch.”

Both men looked at me. “Who is your friend?”


“Tell Sandy who we are.”

I could feel her tremble, whether from anticipation or arousal or something else, I didn’t know. Paula continued to surprise me. “You are my masters,” she said.

Tom reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head so that I was looking into his eyes. “Did you bring Sandy for our pleasure?”


“How about it Sandy? Are you going to be a bitch or a good girl?”

“A good girl.”

His blue eyes sparkled. “Very good. Well, Paula, once in a while you remember how to be a good cunt.” Still holding me by the hair, he moved between our chairs. He brought his face close to mine.

“Sandy, since we are going to fuck you, I think you should see my cock, don’t you?”


He grabbed my hand and put it on his fly, rested it on the bulge of his cock. “Then take it out.” His crotch was level with my face as I unzipped his shorts.


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