Fading to a shade–ghostwriting

For a number of years I’ve been building a catalog of erotica and erotic romance books and stories. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve published my own stories, written for publishing houses, and watched the trends in the industry.

I’ve studied what it takes to make it, read blogs and listened to podcasts. Now, I’ll be the first to confess that I’m not a multitasker.I don’t even text. (So sue me for being a Luddite.)

I also don’t market well. This erratic blog is my main attempt at social media beyond my twitter account, which I religiously check every other week or so, unless I don’t. The inevitable result is that I’m a failure as an online presence. Yet, the reality is that those things are important to the success of a writer.


What I do well is write and that isn’t enough to earn a living in this online world. Now that isn’t a complaint, but an observation. I’ve examined my situation, assessed my strengths and weaknesses, and initiated some significant changes in my life.

I’m a good writer. So what I’m going to do is toss my hat in the ring as a ghostwriter. I’ll do work for hire, writing erotica, EROM… almost any kind of fiction that I know anything about. I’m not conversant with M/M fiction or shifter stories, so those are off the table. But I do know gang bang, hot wives, cuckolding, biker (and other bad boy) stories, and can write them up a storm.

My existing catalog will stay on line and available, but my new stories will belong to someone else who can nurture them, given them visibility and a brand (another thing I suck at). I will fade (even more) into the background, become a shade, a ghost who lurks in the shadows writing dirty stories.

Go with your strengths, right?



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