Going Wide with Erotica

The tumultuous world of publishing on Amazon has driven us bonkers here in eroticaland. The rules change with unspecified frequency (yet frequently) but are never made clear. My colleagues, fellow travelers in the world of providing delicious smut, and I search for options, and they are few.

Yet, they do exist. So Blair Erotica Books is working with some other fine authors to push our works far and wide, to places they are welcomed, rather than tolerated. One such home for smut is Excitica.com, which Selena Kitt set up. Another is Lot’s Cave. And yet another is A1 Adult eBooks. All three are erotica friendly, yet they approve of, support, or just allow different kinds of erotic fiction. So we will be working with all three.

So, if you like erotica, support these fine folks. I couldn’t grab a logo for Lot’s Cave but the link works–none of our books are live there yet, but check them out anyway.




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