More Science Fiction Erotica

Like your hot, smoking sex to be out of this world? So do we, and we are happy to announce that Greta Bowles’ novella Alien Hitchhikers is being distributed out in this wide world. It’s a hardcore tale of alien sex, interplanetary smuggling, and much more. You can find it on

You can find it on Timeless Erotica and it is coming soon to many other fine retailers including Barnes & Noble. It’s already available from Amazon in paperback.



Is there such a thing as too much sex?

My name’s Isadora and I’m an interplanetary smuggler. When Bernie and I got talked into ditching a package in a passing sun, we took the job for the money. Of course en route Bernie had to see what was in the package and that’s how the hitchhikers got loose. I’m not quite sure what they are, but they slip inside and take you on a wild ride. A pretty wild one. They control the sexual chemistry of the host and they like it to be in high gear—randy and ready—constantly. Having them in control turns ordinary sex into something truly mind blowing. No matter who or what you screw (they don’t let you pick and choose and anything is fair game) it’s mind-blowingly better than the best sex you’ve ever had before.

The problem is that it isn’t them having the sex, and the greedy bastards aren’t willing to let a creature take a break.


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