Reaching Readers

The biggest challenge for any writer is to reach readers. Where do you put books so they will be found? If you write erotica, the challenge is even harder. Many sites, such as Amazon, do their best to make erotic fiction hard to find.

We’ve started working with a distributor who is getting our books onto sites like Timeless Erotica as well as better known places. We’ve recently released Greta Bowles’ novella Space Piracy there–it’s erotic science fiction. She has some other smoking hot science fiction titles that will be there soon too.


Space pirates are bad news, right? But what if they are smoking hot and you find out that any physical contact sets your body on fire…and theirs too? Sal and Donna think the blue males who boarded their ship are the hottest things they’ve ever seen. Until these guys showed up, their cargo ship was as much fun as a woman’s prison. And there is some kind of weird sexual chemistry thing going on between the species, too. Every time one of the soldiers grabs a female crew member, he gets rock hard and she finds herself wanting it hard and furious. So that part is damn hot…not to mention frequent.

But since pirates are bad news and all, they probably ought to stop them. Somehow.



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