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It seems that there is room for another ghostwriter in Internetville. right out of the box I’ve picked up a number of interesting jobs. Now I’m working on those and having fun organizing the business end of things. A few days into it, I’m rather pleased. I’m scheduled to do an exciting assortment of stories and working with clients that each bring new insights and attitudes.

One of the fun things about ghostwriting, and one of the big challenges, is taking a client’s idea for a story, which can range from a detailed outline to a situation, and then creating the story they want. I like seeing other writer’s story ideas.

So ghosting, moving in the shadows while dong what I love is becoming my latest adventure. I love it. I like anything that pushes me into unfamiliar territory.

ride bkg


After all, where else would someone like me want to be?



For a number of years I’ve been building a catalog of erotica and erotic romance books and stories. It’s been a lot of fun. I’ve published my own stories, written for publishing houses, and watched the trends in the industry.

I’ve studied what it takes to make it, read blogs and listened to podcasts. Now, I’ll be the first to confess that I’m not a multitasker.I don’t even text. (So sue me for being a Luddite.)

I also don’t market well. This erratic blog is my main attempt at social media beyond my twitter account, which I religiously check every other week or so, unless I don’t. The inevitable result is that I’m a failure as an online presence. Yet, the reality is that those things are important to the success of a writer.


What I do well is write and that isn’t enough to earn a living in this online world. Now that isn’t a complaint, but an observation. I’ve examined my situation, assessed my strengths and weaknesses, and initiated some significant changes in my life.

I’m a good writer. So what I’m going to do is toss my hat in the ring as a ghostwriter. I’ll do work for hire, writing erotica, EROM… almost any kind of fiction that I know anything about. I’m not conversant with M/M fiction or shifter stories, so those are off the table. But I do know gang bang, hot wives, cuckolding, biker (and other bad boy) stories, and can write them up a storm.

My existing catalog will stay on line and available, but my new stories will belong to someone else who can nurture them, given them visibility and a brand (another thing I suck at). I will fade (even more) into the background, become a shade, a ghost who lurks in the shadows writing dirty stories.

Go with your strengths, right?


The long awaited second volume of Valves & Vixens, an anthology of steampunk erotica, is finally out from House of Erotica. It’s already available at Amazon.com, Amazon.UK and All Romance ebooks. Once again edited by Nicole Gestalt, this collection includes my story “CLOCKWORK TOYS”. You can read more on all of the stories here.

Here is the blurb for mine:

The maiden voyage of a luxury airship provides the time and place for lusty Vanessa to get to know the secretive inventor who designed it. He is hot and she wants a lot more than his autograph. And while that’s her goal, he isn’t the only desirable conquest from among the people on board. The passengers are a wild group pushing the boundaries of convention just as the airship pushed the technological envelope

coverOne of the current vogues in erotica and romance is billionaires. Another author I’ve worked with, Nicola Nichols, has launched a three part series about a woman’s search for her own billionaire. She started with the knowledge that there are now over 1000 billionaires in the world, and combined that with the theory of six degrees of separation, the 1929 theory that only five people separate us from any other person on the planet. So how hard can the search be?

Sandy, the main character, quickly learns that although the search might not be that hard, a lot of hard cock and tasty pussy line the path. The first story, Six Sizzling Degrees Apart,starts her on her erotic way. It’s available in KiNDLE UNLIMITED now. The second part of her story Follow the Money, will be available next week and the final episode (because that’s sort of what they are) is called Tying Up Loose Ends, and involves Sandy finding out some of the kinkier sex games rich folk enjoy.

I think you’ll love it.

Here is a little piece of the first story.

Paula obviously had an understanding, or agreement with these guys—they’d established a pattern of behavior, if nothing else. While we drank our wine, they worked as if we weren’t there, not even stealing glances in our direction. After a time they took off their shirts. I liked what I saw. Rugged was the word that came to mind in looking at these two and unless they were gay, either of them looked like he could make a girl really happy in bed. If they were, they’d make some guy really happy. Given what Paula had said, the worst case was they were bi, and I could deal with that.

They seemed to enjoy their work. Finally they seemed to be done. They carefully, and methodically, put away the tools and rolled up the hoses. I wondered if they did that to please her sense of order. Then they came over to the table. George stood partly behind Tom. “We finished.”

She nodded. “Good work. It looks lovely.”

Tom walked behind her chair. She turned her head to look at him, but he grabbed her head and turned it back. “Keep looking that way, Paula.” I looked at him quizzically but he just tipped his head and smiled. It was a pleasant smile, but there was something in his blue eyes that made me shiver. He placed the tip his finger at the base of Paula’s skull. She bent her head forward and he ran his finger down her spine to the point where he touched her dress. He hooked the dress with his finger. “Put your hands flat on the table, Paula.” When she did, he began to tug at her dress, pulling it down. She’d pulled the material over her shoulder to cover her breast and tucked it into the waist. His motion pulled it out of the waist an up again, exposing one soft, pale breast. “That’s real pretty Paula. Now I want you to correct an oversight. When we got here, you never introduced us properly, did you?”

“No.” Her voice was soft, almost a whisper. A flush of arousal was coloring her neck. “I was rude.”

“You were a bitch.”

“I was a bitch.”

Both men looked at me. “Who is your friend?”


“Tell Sandy who we are.”

I could feel her tremble, whether from anticipation or arousal or something else, I didn’t know. Paula continued to surprise me. “You are my masters,” she said.

Tom reached over and grabbed a handful of my hair and turned my head so that I was looking into his eyes. “Did you bring Sandy for our pleasure?”


“How about it Sandy? Are you going to be a bitch or a good girl?”

“A good girl.”

His blue eyes sparkled. “Very good. Well, Paula, once in a while you remember how to be a good cunt.” Still holding me by the hair, he moved between our chairs. He brought his face close to mine.

“Sandy, since we are going to fuck you, I think you should see my cock, don’t you?”


He grabbed my hand and put it on his fly, rested it on the bulge of his cock. “Then take it out.” His crotch was level with my face as I unzipped his shorts.

The romance and erotica world stays in constant flux and one big reason is the unreliable wielding of power that Amazon exerts over our lives. Unable or unwilling to establish clear guidelines for authors to follow in writing blurbs, making covers and even content of their books. A book that has been fine for years suddenly gets banned, blocked or adult filtered. A book that has been doing well gets updated, and suddenly it isn’t something Amazon wants to promote.


None of this is new, but it is increasingly creating havoc. On private forums, writers rant and rage because books that are clearly raunchier than their own are published with no problem while theirs are blocked. They agonize over whether a particular book will be blocked or banned due to something being over the line, even though no one knows what the line is. A rather innocuous cover photo that some employee decides is too erotic (on an erotic book no less) gets it tossed into the dungeon. Romance is held to a higher (more prudish) standard than mainstream fiction, and erotica is (erratically) even worse.

That doesn’t mean you won’t find sleazy books that are touted for their sexual content, because enforcement is haphazard. But it does mean that writers who need their Amazon income find themselves soft pedaling sexual content, both in blurbs and in cover design. That makes it harder for readers to find what they (obviously) want. Being adult filtered means that the book doesn’t come up in the search engine, which is why writers call it “the adult dungeon”. I have a number of books there and they don’t sell. That’s just the way it is.

The problem is that for most writers Amazon is their major source of income, and Amazon refuses to publish guidelines about what can and cannot be published outside of some very basic (illegal) acts. And their reviewers don’t all use the same guidelines. Often judgements are reversed. But the real problem is that if a writer asks why something was blocked or filtered, the canned email says that the cover or content doesn’t meet their guidelines.

What guidelines you might ask? Is the problem the cover or blurb? They won’t say. Maybe you suspect they object to a bit of bare breast, but how much bare breast is too much? They won’t say. Like some art buyers, they know filth when they see it. But, to say it like it is, they also sell filth. They make a lot of money from it. And sex toys are not filtered. Go figure.

Of course, Amazon is free to do business how they wish and with whom they wish. I don’t think anyone with any sense would like that changed. But their haphazard and vague approach still packs the might of Thor’s hammer and that makes life difficult for the writers, sometimes tragically so. It hurts to try hard to play by the rules while knowing that there are lot of rules you aren’t being told and that violating those can ruin your career.

Of course the situation is unsustainable. Unless Amazon takes a look at the situation and does something. I could be as simple as letting authors package their books as they know readers like them and then simply putting all adult content in “over 18” listings (Smashwords does this, to their credit). We live in an era of change and unless Amazon does something proactive, sooner or later this will come crashing down. Either Amazon will accept that this is a profitable market and find a way to serve it and help authors reach their audiences, or (either by design or through neglect) someone else will find a good way to market it.

I do hope Amazon takes this on soon. They have done so much good for ebook publishing. This issue shouldn’t be left hanging in the breeze.

Valves & Vixens 2

Volume 2 of the Valves & Vixens steampunk erotica anthology will be coming out from House of Erotica soon and will include my story CLOCKWORK TOYS.  Nicole Gestalt, the editor got so many hot stories in response to her call for the anthology that she had to make a second book. While you wait for it to appear, remember that Volume 1 is already available and includes on my story ON GOSSAMER WINGS.

Voices of Erotica

I’m excited that two more of my titles, quite different stories, are now available.

Erratic Erotica is a collection, containing a short story, erotic poetry, a story that becomes a play and then a story again, and lots of interesting takes on what I consider erotic. It’s 45 minutes of fun and only $3.46. Lynn Summers does a great job of bringing the words to life. Enjoy. By the way, the girl in the photo is staring out the door of a Cambodian stilt home, which has nothing whatsoever to do with the story. I just love the tropics.

Speaking of the tropics, the other story is an erotic tale of Caribbean sailing, the first in my FANTASY CHARTERS series of four stories. Sailing on a Lusty Breeze is permafree as an ebook and $6.08 if you want to hear the 1-1/2 hour reading by Scott Garrett. The story is told from the point of view of the male main character and Scott lets you taste the salt air. An avid sailor myself, I love writing stories that take place on the water.


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